We’ve customized our services to handle your most difficult waste removal problems.   Some of our services aren’t even offered by other sanitation companies.  But we make them our specialty.

Roll-Off Container Rental

Roll-offs are dumpsters with a gate that allow you to walk or roll your garbage directly inside.

  • We carry a full line of rllo-off’s.
  • We’ll help you determine the size you need.
  • We provide same day service for delivery and pick up.

What can you put in a roll-off?  We can take just about anything you’ve got!

We accept a wide variety of items including construction debris and household clean-out items.  For an additional fee, we will also accept specialty items such as appliances, tires or hazardous waste materials placed on the top of the container.

We also offer separate containers for brush, tree and other debris that can be composted.

Ask about our Light Duty Truck Delivery
– Most trucks that deliver and pick up roll-offs weigh several tons which increases the risk of damage to your driveway.  And heavy trucks can’t drive on low ton roads from March 1st- May 1st which could delay your project.  For communities that have a lot of low ton roads, such as Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Wayzata or Deephaven, that can be a real problem.

But our Light Duty Truck can deliver your roll-off year round without restrictions. Other benefits include:

  • Fits on smaller driveways and there’s less risk of damage.
  • Maneuvers into tight spaces that the big trucks can’t.
  • Drives on any roads, including low ton roads.
  • Gets through low clearance obstructions.

Specialty Services

These services are designed to provide safe, convenient, affordable solutions for your extra difficult waste removal problems.

Small Ground Pick-Ups
– If you don’t have enough garbage to fill a dumpster, we’ll pick it up ourselves.  Whether it’s construction material, household items or brush debris, simply make a pile of whatever you’d like removed and we’ll take it away.  This is a unique service that no one else offers.  We make it available because sometimes, it’s just what you need.  It’s easy, fast and affordable.

Appliance Pick-up
– Refrigerators, televisions, stoves, air conditioners, washers, dryers – we can take these and any other major appliances you need to dispose of.  We provide same day service at reasonable rates.

Hazardous material – These are items that can’t go with your weekly garbage pick-up, but we can take them off your hands.  You can rest easy knowing they’ll be disposed of responsibly.

Items we’ll take include:   batteries, paints, oils, tires and household chemicals.

Call us with any questions you have about your hazardous materials.  We’re committed to the safe and responsible disposal of all these potentially dangerous items.